Budbreak in Mendoza


At the beginning of every spring, the first sign of growth in the vineyard is budbreak. In Los Sauces, Uco Valley, this happens in late September or early October where, after lying dormant for months, the vineyard turns green within days.  Aside from harvest, this is the most exciting time for our team.  At this point, buds develop, start to swell and shoots begin to grow tiny leaves that photosynthesize, giving the plant a burst of energy which it leverages to grow as fast as 1 inch (or 3cm) a day.

Due to the cold start to spring this year, budbreak came 1-2 weeks later than normal.  Occasionally, as happened this year for the chardonnays in the region, a hard frost after the budbreak can reduce yields.  By compensating with a smaller green harvest, agronomists can still make up for the loss.  Thankfully, our vines were not impacted.

The budbreak process for our malbec and cabernet sauvignon vines was completed by mid-October, despite the late start. Now our team is moving on to shoot thinning and applying fungicide.  More to come as the season progresses!

Fact: white varietals experience budbreak first, then the reds.

Oct 11 2013

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