Feature: Allegory

** From time to time we at Rule of Three come across experiences that resonate with what we are about. And, since these experiences are always better shared, we’d like to tell you about them! **


It’s hard to fathom wood lasting 50 years, let alone 50,000. And when this wood is reclaimed, combined, and given a new useful life, well, you’ve got a great story. We at Rule of Three love the story, the hidden meaning, behind well-crafted products. And that’s why we want to introduce you to our friends at Allegory.

ar5Allegory is a small group of designers, artists, and craftsmen located outside of Chicago. Their mission is to give new meaning to items that we use everyday. Like Rule of Three’s desire to craft “interesting” wine that connects you to a time and place, Allegory desires to connect us to something timeless.

Allegory began by hand-crafting writing instruments sourced from woods from around the world – some being thousands of years old, others witnessed amazing events or took long journeys. One of our favorites is the Aficionado Revolucion – a limited edition, twist-open ball point pen that is perfectly balanced in your hand. This work of art is sourced from ancient Kauri wood going back 50,000 years in New Zealand and is combined with Cuban mahogany that found its way on the last merchant ships to travel to the US from Cuba during the final days of the Cuban revolution in 1959. It’s one of those pens that you can’t put down, even when you aren’t writing. It just feels right in your hand.

Rule of Three Wine BoxWe felt such a strong connection to the folks at Allegory and their mission that we asked them to design and create presentation boxes for our inaugural 2012 Malbec. Allegory applied the same hand crafted approach to the wine boxes that we at Rule of Three apply to our wine. We couldn’t be happier.

Allegory has some exciting new designs in the works and is announcing a brand new Kickstarter campaign. You can visit them here.

Mar 7 2014

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